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Limo at the church

Kelly the groomsman

Aaron and Alison

Just like grad all over again!

The brothers!

Matt and his grandmother

Seating the grandparents

Flower girls

Jessie and her dad

The groomsmen

The newlyweds

The living wall at the front entrance of the Westin

UBC Boathouse

The view

This is a good idea!

Kelly had to make a speech

First dance

Larry in the parlour - our room was upgraded because it wasn't...

View from our room - houseboats

Motoko just hangin'

The eagles were always around

Family crossing the road

Made it!


New oversink LED light strip! The RVLEDGUY sells these!





Paragliders above Bridal Falls

Bridal Falls campsite

New from Vernon - Frank is taking pictures of the progress of...

Holes drilled

Laying the re-bar

Ready to pour

Pouring the concrete



Drawing the lines

Adding the colour

Stamping the concrete


Washing off the colour


Larry's cousin Doug from Calgary

Doug's wife Sheila

This kid got a new toy for his birthday!

Our site at Cummins Truck Centre

Coffee break!

Fly over

Mt. Baker at Abbotsford

Our new patio all set up

We drove down to Bridal Falls on June 29. The weather wasn't too bad. Of course it was cloudy in Bridal Falls!

Matt and Jessie (Kelly played ball with Matt for years) were married on June 30 in Richmond. The ceremony was at St. John the Worker Church and the reception was at the UBC Boathouse. What a beautiful location! Hanging right out over the Fraser River across from the South Terminal of the airport. We stayed the night at the Westin Wall Centre, just down the road. A beautiful ceremony and a good time was had by all! It was nice to re-connect with old friends from the boys' school and sports days.

On the 31st we went with Kelly back to Sechelt (he had just walked on the ferry). We spent the 1st cleaning the house (inside) and the next couple of days working on the outside (weeding, weedeating and Larry built a new set of stairs). The eagle nest has babies in it so the parents were around the whole time. The Canada Geese were travelling in a pack of 37 with two tiny ones in their midst!

We came back over to Bridal Falls (where we had left the coach) on the 5th - Larry had a doctor appt in Vancouver around noon. Then back into White Rock for another appt and haircuts on the 6th. The weather is warming up! On the 6th we received some pictures from Frank showing us the progress they are making with our concrete work in Vernon. Looking good!

Not much to do the following week. The weather is really warm. Apparently there were some thunder storms around during a couple of the nights but we didn't hear them. The bugs are awful so we haven't been able to sit outside much. Frank sent some more photos of the concrete pour on the 11th. We can hardly wait to see it! Also on the 11th we went into Langley early in the morning for a couple of LED light-related appointments. In the afternoon Maureen went in again for the Celebration of Life for Mary-Wade Anderson, a long-time friend and City of White Rock Councillor. Although a sad occasion, it was great to touch base with lots of friends.

On the morning of the 13th Larry's cousin Doug and his wife Sheila stopped by for coffee on their way from Alberta to Vancouver Island.

We left Bridal Falls about 2:00 on the 15th. We hit what we thought was typical weekend traffic near Abbotsford. The traffic slowed to a crawl. Turns out people were slowing to watch a woman going to the bathroom beside her car - she didn't even bother to squat between the open doors, but near the back of the car where everyone could see her! We stayed at the Cummins Service Centre Sunday night – power and water and all-night security - for free! They took the coach inside to work on it about 8 am. They called about 10 to say the work had already been done somewhere else and they didn’t have to do anything! Not. When we got back there at noon, it got complicated. When they had put the computer onto the engine, it read a serial number. According to their records that serial numbered engine already had the safety recall done on it. When they entered the number into their system, it came up with owner Pruitt, purchased Feb 2/11 and the service done in October in Florida. We knew that wasn’t us! So long story short, someone had keyed the number in wrong for the poor Pruitts. They changed our records and then had to do the actual work. They said that would take 2 hours and it was already 2:00. We debated waiting until Sept then decided to get it done. It only took them an hour so we didn’t get on the road until 3:00. We arrived in Vernon about 8:30. Wow is it hot! But no bugs!

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