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Chip Truck sells fresh cut french fries

Park on Lake Huron

Ship unloading oil to one of the many refineries

One of many chemical companies in the Chemical Valley

















Another chip truck

SMOKE SHOP - the Indians sell smokes

Different Indians running for office on their reservation

Another chip truck


Fire fighter are trained here from all over the world

Black squirrels are found in this area

Luton church dating back to 1898

Rush Creek Wine -

It says it all


Aylmer some of Vicki's kinfolks are from here. Poutine is french fries...

Neat courthouse

Malahide Luton Community Center

Dated 1875

Susannah first wife of W.H. Zavitz

W.H. Zavits - Vicki's great, great grandfather

Elsie second wife of W.H. Zavits - my great, great grandmother.

Zavitz Plot in the Luton Cemetery

Archives for Luton

Tobacco growing in the fields

Luton city limit sign

Black Currants

Buildings used to dry the tobacco leaves

Daylilies growing on the roadsides

Picard's has the best flavored crunchy crust peanuts

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A day of rest. We did not do much of anything but rest.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turned the mattress in the Casita and washed the carpet. With the hot days we are having, the carpet dried in no time. In the evening we played cards and watched the New York and Detroit fireworks.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

We went to an Escapee RV Club luncheon in the town of London, ON – about one hour and fifteen minutes from Corunna, ON. The restaurant we went to served delicious Chinese food. There was a large group that came in from a funeral and ate also. Seems the man the funeral was for loved the restaurant and wanted everyone to eat there after his funeral.

After eating Rudy, Sharon, Arthur, Judi, Lowell, and I went to Luton to see if I could find headstones for my ancestors. And yes, we did. When we arrived at the cemetery we spread out and each took several rows to search for the Zavitz headstones. Lowell found my great, great grandfather and grandmother, and great grandfathers headstones. Zavits is on my mother’s father’s side.

Many acres of tobacco are grown in this area. And the wild flowers growing on the sides of the roads range from white, yellow, blue, orange, and red.

We stopped at a winery and everyone had a wine tasting. Everyone bought some wine. We continued on to another town (Sparta) to check Vicki's ancestor's records. We got there just before closing time (4:20pm – closing time 4:30pm) but they let us look up records and we took pictures of the records. We were out of there by 4:30pm. What a great day because we accomplished so much, especially fruitful for me.

Stay tuned for more travels and Happy Trails and Hugs to all,

Vicki and Lowell

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