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We had a couple of days back in Chiang Mai catching up on washing and internet etc. On Thursday when we were in the internet cafe it started to rain, and it rained and it rained and it kept raining. The intersection that the cafe is on was flooded and cars and tuktuk's were conking out from the water, it was pretty amazing. I think it rained for about three hours.

Friday we caught a bus to Lampang, a couple of hours South of Chiang Mai. We were going to go to the Elephant Conservation Camp on Saturday but I was sick, so we just had a relaxing day. Today I'm a bit better, but still a bit nauseous, so we're doing this then after lunch we're all going to have a massage!!

Unfortunately I can't do my Mahout (elephant training course) because you have to book heaps in advance, but we are going to spend the day there tomorrow and then catch the night train back to Bangkok.

**************************A WORD FROM MUM & DAD****************************************

Well things are going pretty well, Thailand is still an easy place to travel and still as cheap as when we were here 15 years ago. A good aircon room is about $20 a night and we spend about $30-$40 a day on food - and we eat really well, so the budget is looking good.

Greg & Samara have both had a touch of the 'travel lurgy' so just waiting for my turn, I'm sure it will happen soon!! Greg is having problems with one of his teeth, so having to go to the dentist when we get back to Bangkok in a couple of days. We will also organise Vietnamese visa's and have decided to fly to Cambodia as the trek from the Thai border to Siem Riap is pretty horrendous. In total from Bangkok about a 14 hour day and the Cambodia side is about 6 hours on a mud track ( especially as we are in the wet season).

We will have about two and a half weeks in Cambodia and then into Vietnam.

Well, hope all is well with You all, hope you are enjoying Samara's accounts of our trip

Raewyn & Greg

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