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East coast of Menorca, north of Mahon

Stone building protecting well, with adjacent cattle troughs

Shady beachside cafe in Es Grao

Es Grao

Trespassing again!

Stone walls protecting olive trees from wind

4 metre Taula with collapsed Talayot behind

Great position for the Talayotic site

Landscape of north Menorca

One of the many watchtowers around the coast

We had a short sail up the coast to Cala Grao, tucked behind Isla Colom, only to discover that you are no longer allowed to anchor. However, at only €12/night, the mooring buoy was a bargain! It’s a lovely bay with a long beach, a few restaurants, beautiful scenery and no high-rise buildings.

We had the best walk yet along the coast northwards and then, following directions from the Rough Guide which took us off the coastal path, across meadows with scabious and wild clematis, not to mention the hundreds of large insects (about 2.5 inches long) that were presumably grasshoppers and that flew up as soon as you got near. We passed a well with water in it, covered by a d

omed stone roof, with a channel for filling the adjacent stone water troughs for cattle. We were aiming for a Talayotic site and eventually found it with help from a farmer who gave us directions. The two main components are a ‘taula’ which is a T-shaped structure, in this case about 4 metres high, and a ‘talayot’ which is a solid circular stone structure positioned on top of a hill with a view all round. No-one can agree exactly what the purpose of the structures was although they are often surrounded by other stone buildings that were probably used as houses for local communities.

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