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Originally we were scheduled to be in K-town until tomorrow…….but most the rest of the group was leaving today…..and there really wasn’t going to be any projects going on, so we decided to head for grandpa’s house (Clint was dying to get there when we left Illinois last Friday……and somehow has patiently survived the week). Danny and Doris (the Hopi couple we met) invited us to spend the day with them at Flagstaff at a Hopi celebration……which would have been interesting, but since we only make it to Arizona once a year, I thought it would be better to spend an extra day with grandpa.

It is an 8-hr drive from K-town to Yuma……and with the exception of the fuel stop in Flagstaff, it went very quickly. Once again in Flagstaff I was disappointed that an interstate sign can indicate fuel at the exit….and then when you get off, there is another sign indicating it is a couple of miles. In this case, once we got to the fuel stop, it was a small station in town……which we had to squeeze into with the trailer…..then we got blocked in…….one stall restroom with 8+ people already in line……couldn’t get out because cars kept backing into the pump ahead…….finally got out, but couldn’t head back to the interstate because of a median……ended up making a U-turn (against my wife’s best wishes)….and then back on track.

Made it to grandpa’s house by 3:00…..kids in the pool by 3:01. A local ordinance doesn’t allow you to leave an RV on city streets…..so I had to back the trailer up on dad’s drive…..in between his house and the neighbors……without wiping the Directv off of dad’s house…….or the neighbors bushes…..I was close, and of the two possible things to hit, I’m glad it was the neighbor’s bushes.

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