Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Picnic Dinner

The Band is playing

People are dancing

People are watching

Song two

Here comes the rain

We went to Tom and Shirley's Church for an excellent service. We had been there last year when we stopped by. Very nice indeed, excellent music and sermon. It is a very upbeat Bible based Church. Later in the day Tom and I went swimming in the lake. We packed a picnic dinner and headed to music in the park. A polish band was going to play as the sky's darkened we ate our dinner. We sat down the band began to play and a few sprinkles began. They played 2 songs and it looked to be a fun evening in store. A man walked up to the band and talked to the leader then took the microphone and told us there was a tornado and severe thunderstorm warning and we all needed to leave. We got back home, lowered the camper legs as low as it would go and waited it out. Tornado sirens sounded, down to the basement we went. A heavy thunderstorm ensued but thankfully no tornado. The whole event took about 15 minutes. Then we watched the movie What About Bob. I thought I had seen it but realized I had just seen parts of it on TV. Shirley had never seen it. It was laugh out loud funny. All in all another good day. Enjoy the pics.

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