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Our day of work on the reservation. Linda and the kids stayed at the school and helped one of the teachers finish setting up the school……I went back up to the church to help paint the inside. Late in the week someone thought it would be good to paint the interior…….so we started yesterday and finished up today. It isn’t a huge church…….but the ceilings are very tall, so I made a lot of trips up the 10’ ladder to trim around lights and around the edge. We sat tables on the pews so they could reach the ceiling with poles to paint.

A group of about 15 of us went to the Hopi Cultural center to eat dinner. They had a special Hopi section to the menu and then the traditional diner fare. I was impressed that Lilli wanted to try the Hopi section…….which was a hamburger on flat bread. I had some type of “stew”…..lamb and hominy….with flat bread. Speed is not a desired trait in service……but very polite and good food.

It has been a very interesting experience. If you were to plan a fun vacation, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t rank in the top 100……but oddly it turned out that way. Kids worked hard all week…..didn’t complain about the lack of amenities (specifically no pool and school lunches for meals all week)……and met a group of really committed Christians. The poverty and hopelessness of the mission is overwhelming from a human standpoint……but oddly, there is hope. We also left with a friendship with the Hopi couple that I believe will continue into the future.

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