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The large group from West Virginia was touring the Southwest today, so Linda and the kids spent the morning helping the maintenance group put classrooms back together. I went up to the church and finished the electrical work, finished the swamp cooler install and worked on some of the plaster problems in the church.

After lunch, the whole family went back up to church to work. We took Ron’s truck up there because the excavator needed to be brought back and taken back to Flagstaff.......Ron was still in Winslow for today’s parts run…..and I don’t think Ron’s wife really wanted to drive the trailer up the mountain road.

Linda and the kids began painting the inside of the church. It wasn’t the ideal painting situation as most all of the tools were still in the church, the plaster work needed additional coats, and the trim at the peak was coming all apart and needed repair. Linda, Lilli and Elli just started painting around all the commotion…….and when Clint was nearing enough, Elli took him out to the playground and kept him occupied for the rest of the afternoon. It was amazing to see how hard the kids worked all afternoon….I might start farming them out for extra income.

After dinner, we gave Doris a ride home since her husband was at class. It continues to be overwhelming to see the condition of the village……..

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