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Turns out there is something even more scarce than water on the reservation…….the internet. Most of the time there is absolutely no Verizon signal….but every now and again I’ll walk through a patch of internet, and get texts, voicemail and email….but then it quickly disappears before I can reply. Used to be able to go to the internet café, (bench on the playground close enough to the school I could get on their wireless)…..but yesterday a group was cleaning out the computer lab….and thought empty the lab literally meant empty….so they unplugged everything and removed it….including my internet.

I went back to the church to continue to work on wiring…..however the largest part of wiring today was finishing the install of the main line to the church…..which meant a lot of time in a ditch….digging in the sun….being sandblasted by the 30-mph gusts. Also spent some time on the roof, wiring a swamp cooler for the parsonage.

Linda and the kids continue to paint….I think the West Virginia group and the Teaters are going to paint the entire school…..inside and out. I’m not sure how much paint Lilli and Elli get on the walls….but they certainly get some on themselves. Another couple commented on how hard the girls work…..one even made Lilli stop because she was working so hard. It amazes me the “Princess” is working so hard (especially because of how hot and dirty the work is) and that Elli goes back every day ready to work…..which seems like a lot for a 5th grader to be. Clint is just living hard.

One of the favorite phrases each day has been, “Live on the reservation is hard.” The nearest significant services are in Flagstaff, or Winslow……each a 2-hr drive one way. Every day another person makes the trek to purchase parts for the various projects….200+ miles round trip. A group of guys have been putting brakes on one of the trucks from West Virginia……for four days. Sunday night we tried to install the pads he bought on Saturday…….but couldn’t get the pins out (and breaking something that makes the vehicle inoperable is a bad idea this far from civilization). Monday, they took the truck into Flagstaff for the supply run…..and to have Meineke install the brakes…..but they had the same problem we had. They ended up ordering the full caliper set for both sides…..which were in Phoenix, so someone ran pack on Tuesday to pick them up during the supply run and tonight after dinner, finally installed.

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