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A strong headwind for most of the day didn’t deter our ability to drive the speed limit…..but it destroyed the awesome gas mileage we enjoyed yesterday……now down around 6-mpg to 7-mpg. Tensions running a little higher in the back seat. Clint has decided he should be able to spread his stuff out, encroaching on his sisters’ space……his sisters deciding that Clint pretty much gets whatever he wants…..and Clint not really understanding what the point of having sisters is, if they don’t do everything he wants……

At a couple of fuel stops, the diesel pumps were in such tight places, that we had to go out to the semi fueling station. Clint was jacked……..starting chattering about every truck and how we were out there with all the other diesels…..and just couldn’t shut down the excitement. Had to keep a close eye on him because he was so excited he was like a magnet to the big trucks (that was small and hard to see). Unfortunately some of the cashiers weren’t as excited as Clint that we were fueling with the big rigs…seemed a bit put out to have to deal with us…but it didn’t faze Clint….because we were still out their fueling with the big rigs.

The second night we stayed at the Albuquerque, NM KOA. I’m not sure what the draw was camping in the center of the city, but the place was packed. Clint wanted to swim bad…..his sister didn’t...so I swam with him, and the World Record cockroach...that critter was huge...at least 3-inches.

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