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Anxious to get on the road, we went to get Lilli from her last day of dance camp pulling the camper, fully loaded, and ready for action. As usual, Clint decided he was starving about 20-minutes into the trip, so he started on his pre-packed bag of food…..which was quickly followed by Elli 20-minutes later……and then me. Because the truck doesn’t have three rows of seating, we were a little packed in and had to come up with an alternative for snacks. When it is drink time, we open the back window and one of the kids pokes their head out the window, opens the cooler and serves the drinks. Not sure that is a fully safety certified way of handling drinks, but adding one more thing to the already crowded back seat would be equally unsafe.

St Louis was a disaster……..someone decided to funnel the four lanes of interstate traffic entering Missouri…..into one lane……and then use cryptic signage to communicate which lanes were closing. Forty-five minutes later, back to four lanes of interstate…..and oddly no traffic at all. The relief was short lived…..as we tried to make a fuel stop…..followed what we thought the signs were directing us to do…..ended up driving three miles to nowhere (and no gas station), only to find a church lot that was too small to successfully execute a U-turn. Great way to start the trip with a meltdown in the Grace Tabernacle parking lot…..and then pulled it together, re-found the interstate, and then continued our quest for gas.

The new truck quickly demonstrated in the rolling hills of Missouri that not only could it go the speed limit downhill…..but that it could go the speed limit uphill…..a huge difference from last year when we tried building up a head of steam on every downhill…..just so we could make it up the next hill near the speed limit. The best part of the new truck….slightly over 10-mpg for the day.

Spent the first night at the Tulsa, OK, KOA…..which was really the parking lot of the Will Rogers Cheyenne Casino. We camped on the final turn of the race horse track……which may have been cool had the horses been running…..instead it was just against a chain link fence at the edge of the track.

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