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Deadhorse Camp - Our Hotel















Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean




















Arctic Caribou Inn - now closed








Departing Deadhorse









Barrow, Alaska





Arctic Ocean below


Barrow Airport



View of Arctic Ocean from my Hotel room window

Hotel lobby display

House across the stree from the Hotel



Arctic Ocean ice








Native family in Pepe's Restaurant - even they must think it is...

Pepe's Restaurant

Pepe's Restaurant

This morning we left Deadhorse Camp at 07:00AM to tour Prudhoe Bay, the oil fields, and the Arctic Ocean.

The tour guide was native Alaskan – he was very friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. It was a great hour and 45 minute tour. He told us that Prudhoe Bay alone has no permanent residents but currently 4,800 individuals working the oil fields in 12 hour shifts; two weeks at a time. They get their room, meals, and flights to Anchorage or Fairbanks along with their pay.

We saw some caribou and other small animals. We stopped at the Arctic Ocean and only one person took off his shoes and got his feet wet. I put my hand in and it was freezing. The outside temperature at the time was 38 degrees.

After the morning tour different individuals from our group left at different times on flights back to Fairbanks. My flight on Era Airlines left Deadhorse about 1PM for Barrow, Alaska with a stop in Nuiqsut, Alaska. The aircraft was a Beechcraft 1900 9 passenger prop. I arrived in Barrow at approximately 2:25PM. I then went to the Top of The World Hotel in Barrow where my room looks out over the Arctic Ocean. What a view. Unbelievable amounts of ice still there. The said the group that took the tour yesterday saw Polar Bears so I hope I get to see one on my tour tomorrow.

The hotel booklet in each room states the sun does not set from May 10 until August 2.

What a great day this has been. I could not believe all the buildings, equipment, and vehicles that are here working the oilfields. I only wish the flight to Barrow would have been less cloudy.

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