Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Oldest in the counry

Cooking the glass

That's HOT!

Going through the roller

Kokomo Resevoir

Guys are fishin'


From the backside

Wonderfully restored

Third floor ballroom

Front porch

Curt Alexander

Guest conductor from Perdue University

Good crowd

Covered Bridge brough from Vermont


Pretty Park

Susan and son Hudson

Professional shot by Curt Alexander

What an action packed FUN day in Kokomo. We started out by taking a tour of the oldest colored class making factory in the US. Kokomo Opalescent Glass Works makes glass for customers around the world. Our tour was given by the CEO and was over 1 1/2 hours long. He took us to places most tours don't go. It was excellent. Next we drove out to the Kokomo Reservoir, a large lake and walked around a bit. It was very pretty. We headed back to town for lunch with Curt and his son Cortland at a local place we could walk to. We still had time so we headed to the Seiberling Mansion. Oh my what a house. This 1800's home was built by the guy who started the glass works in Kokomo. Kokomo offered free natural gas to companies as an incentive to move there. The city sat on a large natural gas deposit. A number of famous people lived in the house over the years. The Historical Society now owns it and they took two years to restore the three stories and outside. We have been in many historic homes on our trip and this was the nicest, most well done home of it size. We were there an hour and 15 minutes and we did not really see it all when they came to tell us they were closing. We did get to all 3 floors but there was so much to read. It as a wonderful stop. Back to the campground to relax a bit then out to the park for Kokomo's Wednesday evening outdoor concert. My friend Curt uses a professional last name, Alexander and he is the master of ceremonies. He did a great job and much to my surprise he announced to the very large crowd that I gave him his start in radio and asked me to stand. It was a very nice moment indeed. 'anks 'isss. The music was wonderful, the evening was mild and we sat with Curt's wife Susan and their two boys Cortland and Hudson. A local church even provided free popcorn and soft drinks and wouldn't take a love offering. We have so enjoyed our stay in Kokomo. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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