Calgary Stampede travel blog

the trucks set up in a vacant parking lot

Bacon truck--all dishes included bacon

this is the guy who won the food truck challenge on tv

You guessed it--this is where I ate

a little pricey, but very good

menu on another truck

OK--here's one photo from Vegas to show you we really did do...

June 27--We started our trip with a rather unusual lunch--catering trucks in nearby Irvine. These trucks have become very popular and "roach coach" does not apply, it's way more gourmet than that. It's like having a "food court" right in a parking lot. We met up with some friends and all experienced a different dish. That is except for Charlie and me, we both had Lobsta rolls.

After lunch Janet and I went and got the bus and headed out to Las Vegas, NV. You can't imagine how hot is was crossing the Mojave Desert, 108 degrees going through Baker, CA. We arrived in Las Vegas just before 7PM.

June 28--Friends Ray and Kathy were waiting for us in Vegas as we had some legwork to do for our upcoming Prevost Owners Group (POG) rally in October. Can't tell you too much about that now because some POG members also get journal.

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