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A foggy day in Miraflores



Larcomar Mall

Dinner at Restaurante Central

Scallop Ceviche


Short ribs

Salt selection



The after dessert, dessert plate

The kitchen

Lunch at Astrid and Gaston


Trio of scallops ceviche

Fresh from the sea

Colourful Barranco


The Larco Museum







An amazing collection



The garden



After 2 gourmet meals, beer and pizza

BIG beers


Miraflores plaza at night

A crooner entertains

Well dressed dogs

Chess anyone

It had to happen...

Last night in lima

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Karaoke for seniors

Lima was a wonderful surprise! We stayed in the Miraflores area and explored the Miraflores Plaza, coastline walking path and restaurants. Our goal was to try 2 of the top end restaurants in the city and we definitely found them! First up was Central Restaurante for dinner followed the next day by Astrid and Gaston for lunch. We've had some incredible meals in Peru but both of these places were on a totally different level and proved that Peruvian cuisine really is amongst the best in the world. Those 2 meals are definitely in our top 5 eating experiences! They weren't cheap (about the same as you'd pay at a high end North American restuarant) but they were worth every sole! The ceviche was the highlight of both meals. After 2 extravagant meals, we decided it was time for something a bit simpler so we headed to the plaza on a Friday night for beer and pizza. BIG beer as it turned out, 1 litre mugs! After dinner we strolled around the plaza and found it to be a charming place in the evening. Everyone was out strolling, there was an alley full of tables with people playing chess and the little amphitheatre in the middle of the plaza was full of people watching what turned out to be a kind of Karaoke for seniors, people were getting up to dance and sing. It made us smile! Our last day in Lima started with a stroll through the trendy Barranco neighborhood where we visited the shop of a woman who collects work from artisans throughout Peru and sells it from her home (we also met her friendly but ugly Peruvian Hairless dog). Then we hopped in a cab and drove to the Larco Museum on the far side of town. An amazing museum with a huge collection of Chimu and Moche artifacts, mostly pottery, including an x-rated, erotic selection. It also had a great little restaurant in the garden where we had lunch. It's time to head home now, we catch the red-eye to Houston and then back to Calgary in the morning. Peru has certainly exceeded our expectations, it's been a great trip!

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