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Dale shares his whip cream, Ann has Baily's for breakfast

Santa selling chocolate bars in the middle of the road (?!)

In the main square

Sol de Mayo restaurant for lunch



Mirador de Yanahuara





Who, us?

Mirador from our B&B's roof


The mean dog next door

Zig Zag Restaurant

The best quinoa salad ever!

Ann and Dale are ready...

...for sizzling beef platters

Pesto ravioli


In the Arequipa Cathedral


Our guide, Flor

View of the square from the Cathedral roof


One of the colonial mansions



An evil, spitting Guanaco

Muck friendlier Alpacas

The last desert, Tirimisu at La Tratoria

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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A free concert

(MP4 - 3.53 MB)

Zig Zag

Well, our plan worked. We are now totally relaxed and in full agreement that Peruvian food is fantastic. We took in a free symphony concert at the local theatre, ate dinner at a great little cafe called Nina Yaki, explored the cathedral and some of the old colonial mansions, ate lunch on the lawn of a great restaurant called Sol de Mayo, checked out the views from the Mirador de Yanahuara, bought baby alpaca scarves at an outlet store (where we also got spat at by a mean guanaco, another strange Peruvian animal), had a fabulous Italian meal at the restaurant beside the Monastery and generally just enjoyed the city. But there were a couple of highlights. The first was our visit to the Museo Santurio Andinos, also known as the Juanita Museum. The star of the show is the mummy of a young Incan girl between 11-15 years old who was sacrificed to the Incan Gods between 1450 and 1480. She is known as Juanita or The Ice Maiden because her mummy was perfectly preserved after being frozen on the top of the mountain almost immediately after she was killed. Scientists learned a lot about the Incan sacrificial ceremonies by examining her body (they were even able to determine the contents of her stomach!). It was a fascinating exhibit, very well done. The other highlight was our meal at Zig Zag, a funky restaurant that specializes in meat cooked on a sizzling stone but where Pam also had the best quinoa salad she's ever had. Ann also had another great experience. She decided she wanted to buy a Churango (a little Andean guitar) for her brother-in-law. When she mentioned it to the staff at the hotel, one of them recommended a store she should buy it in and then walked for 20 minutes to the store with her and helped her negotiate the price. Just can't say enough about the service at the Casa Arequipa! We're heading a bit off the beaten track for the next few days as we fly tomorrow to Trujillo in Northern Peru where we'll learn about some pre-Incan civilizations.

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