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1st of Five Lower Falls



Island that all five lower falls surround


2nd of the lower falls

Path to the 3, 4 and 5 lower falls

Squirrel Sunning Himself on the Boardwalk



3rd of the lower falls

tahquamenon River

4th of the lower falls





The last of the lower falls

Closer looks at the last of the lower falls



The Tahquamenon River

Lee at the beginning of the trail to the Upper Falls

Me at the beginning of the trail to the Upper Falls

One of the viewing platforms

Back to the 1st and 2nd of the lower falls



Lee at a viewing platform

What is this?

It's a fox

He has three legs

They call him Tripod and see him every once in awhile

First look at the Upper Falls

Upper Falls



At the Brink of the Upper Falls

View from the Brink

Many stairs back up from the brink

And More stairs

View of the falls and the brink viewing platform

Lee on a woodland trail




Gorgeous butterfly


Visitor Area with shopping and food



Inside the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub


The Selection of Ales

Lots of critters on the walls

Lee at the pub

We got an early start to our day today because we have so many things we want to see today. Our first stop was Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. We started out with a hike to view the lower falls. There are actually five of them and they all cascade around an island. The hike was just beautiful and we had a nice cool day to do it. On one of the many boardwalks along the hike, we ran into a squirrel laying flat on the boardwalk sunning himself. You could tell that he was used to people because he just did not want to get up. We were within 2 feet of him when he finally decided to move.

After we finished taking pictures of all the stunning lower falls, we came to a sign that told us that we could go on and hike to the upper falls. It would be a four mile strenuous hike. We decided that we better take the same path back and then take the truck to some parking area closer to the upper falls.

After we parked the truck, we started up the path to the Upper Falls. We stopped dead in our tracks when we saw an animal on the trail coming right toward us. We finally saw him close enough to figure out that he was a fox and a three-legged one at that. He was beautiful even with only three legs. He walked closer and closer to us and we just stood there and took pictures. Finally, when he was within five feet of us, he turned off the path and went into the woods. This was the first time we've encountered a fox on our journeys so it was pretty exciting. I was feeling kind of sorry for the fox because I was afraid he would starve but I talked to a park ranger and she said that they named this fox Tripod and that he is seen once in awhile on the trails. She said he probably lost his leg in a trap but that he is getting along just fine. He certainly looked healthy enough!

We hiked just a short hike to the Upper Falls. This state park has over 50,000 acres but the centerpiece of the park is the upper falls! They are one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi with a drop of 50 feet. The falls are more than 200 feet across and they have a water flow of more than 50,000 gallons of water per second! They are stunning!

After we visited the Upper Falls, we took a woodland path back to the parking area instead of following the more traveled path. It was just a lovely day and the forest was beautiful. Lee stopped to get a picture of a gorgeous butterfly and so I started to walk down the path a bit farther and just about ran into another fox but this one had all four legs! We were both so surprised that we both just froze for a second. He recovered faster than I did and he quickly turned and ran off into the woods. I couldn't believe it. Two encounters with foxes in one day and we've been hiking trails for six years and these were the first we've seen!

Instead of getting into the truck and heading on, we stopped at the Visitor area near the start of the trail to the Upper Falls. We decided to have lunch at the Tahquameon Falls Brewery & Pub. I had the pulled pork sandwich special and Lee had a beef pastie which looked better than it was. My pulled pork was excellent. The pub was decorated in woodland animal - there were critters' heads or hides on all the walls!

Since this was the first of our stops for the day, we decided not to dilly dally any more and we headed out for the Whitefish Point Light Station.

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