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Otovalo - the middle of the world

the group at the middle of the world



with Reena

with Reena andLiz

Otovalo - Reena, Craig and Irena

Goodbye Zoe and Reena







Santuario de las Lajas - the Wedding Cake church


Santuario de las Lajas



Inside the church

the chapel of the original church

Santuario de las Lajas







Popayan at night


wall art




wall art

outskirts of Popayan




Border crossing! We were expecting long delays and lots of check the reality was quickly out and even more quickly into Colombia with a cheap meal of soup and meat? thrown in. As per usual the vegetable soup was delicious but also as per usual no meat just meant that it only had chicken in it - our vegetarians weren't impressed.

Ipiales our next stop just across the border has one saving grace about 17kms out of town is Santuario de las Lajas a wedding cake church set on the side of a canyon in a place where an image of the virgin Mary was seen. It'S a pretty impressive site as the church is set down the canyon 262 steps in fact not that I was counting! It's a really popular place for locals and on special religious days the queues to get in are hundreds long.

Colombia is a truly beautiful country green and lush we are still in the Andes so temperatures vary depending on whether we are up or down and the people are polite and friendly.

Popayan is another "white city" and we arrived in the evening so saw it first at night. With many of the buildings lit up it was really pretty they have attempted to keep it clean and tidy but it could do with a few more good cafes - we were expecting to get really good coffee now that we are in Colombia but in fact it is no better than any where else and may even be worse. It has the usual quota of churches and as we were there on a Sunday we saw that they are really well attended standing room only and a market atmosphere outside with food ad drink stalls in abundance.

Still it was Sunday and we struggled to find anywhere to have breakfast or to get a light snack for lunch

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