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Our hotel in Ollantaytambo

It is at the train station

A great place to stay!

Walking into town


The town is built on the old Inca town foundations




Kevin's buddy

Dogs and chickens get along here

The angry Inca that Dale can't see

Inca door in the modern town

Peru flag and ruins

The edge of town

Bat-mobile mototaxi

The Archaeological Site



Don't look down Barb!


View of the town from the archaeological site

Pam and Barb enjoy the view









Huge blocks at the temple of the sun



Mototaxis in the town below

2 soles for a photo

Kevin want's a sole too




Barb heads down

Back at the station, a woman sells bread

Fresh pasta in the excellent hotel restaurant

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Ollantaytambo Ruins

Apparently the main Inca centres were built within a one day walk of each other (for an Inca anyways) so theoretically we could have walked to Ollantaytambo. But we took a 1 hour taxi ride instead! We stayed at the Albergue Ollantaytambo which is located right at the train station. We were a bit worried that we'd be kept awake by trains but the hotel turned out to be a beautiful little oasis and we hardly heard the trains. It also had a really great restaurant and coffee shop!

Ollantaytambo is an amazing place. The current town is built on top of the foundations of an original Inca town and is a great way to see how the Inca's layed out their towns. It was built as a grid with criss-crossing, narrow laneways and open drains with water rushing down them. It is fasinating to see the newer buildings sitting on top of the perfectly cut Inca blocks! The town sits in a valley surrounded by mountains and the main archeological site with temples and fortresses is up high, an easy place to defend and the site of one of the few battles where the Incas managed to defeat the Spanish (for a short time anyways). We spent one afternoon exploring the town and the next day exploring the archeological site. Another amazing place with huge blocks of rock that the Incas had shaped and fitted together like leggo (no mortar required).

After 4 days of clambouring around at over 8000', we're feeling much more comfortable with the altitude so now it is time step it up a notch and return to Cusco to spend a couple of days at 11,000'.

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