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Inside the tumbler that separated gold from gravel





Dawson City and Yukon River at 23:02PM

Sunset over Klondike River at 23:04PM


Sunset over Tombstone Mountains at 23:30PM

Sunset over Klondike at 23:30PM

Sunset over Klondike at 23:40PM



Sunset over Klondike at 23:58PM



Sunset over Klondike River at 00:30AM June 21

Sunset over Klondike River at 00:34AM June 21

Sunset over Klondike River at 00:35AM June 21

Sunset over Klondike River at 00:39AM June 21

Sunset over Klondike River at 00:43AM June 21

My RV at RV Park Dawson City at 00:57AM June 21

Today was a pretty nice day. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with a short rain shower in the afternoon.

I drove the SUV out along Bonanza Creek Road to Claim 33, Dredge Number 4, and Discovery Claim. Except for the first half mile or so the road is unpaved but in pretty good condition. The only problem is those who do not obey the 50KM speed limit and throw up dust and stones.

Discovery Claim is where gold was first discovered in the Yukon in 1896 and started the Klondike Gold Rush in the early 1900’s as word of the discovery spread. Dredge 4 is the largest wooden hull, bucket-line dredge in North America. Dredge No. 4 is 2/3 the size of a football field and 8 stories high. I took the approximately 1 hour tour of the dredge and that was very interesting.

In the evening I went in Dawson City to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s. I ate dinner and then watched the show in the casino that lasted approximately 35 minutes.

At 11PM I drove the SUV up the Dome Road to get some pictures of the midnight sun. There was a fairly large crowd there with a few young people up there to party. A few pictures have a red spot on them that I am not sure what caused it. A couple other people I talked to had the same thing happen to their pictures. I left the Midnight Dome at 12:45AM and returned to the RV at 1AM where it was still light – one could have sat outside and read a book.

39.0 SUV miles today.

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