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Painters face

Goats vising close up

Hard to believe today is day 11 for us NOMADS at the Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center. We have both moved on to the Cedar House next door to the campground so the commute is walking distance. Painting is on the agenda. Yesterday I painted the bathroom ceiling from wallboard so it took 4 coats. Hopefully that did it but I will know in about an hour when we go over. Shirley worked a little in the bathroom then moved on to the kitchen which has 3 doors that all need painting. Back to finish up today and I will be going back to the warehouse to finalizes some finishing touches and we're done. We have been getting our exercise biking about 2 miles a day back and forth from the campground to our work site and meals plus walking up to the attic countless times and walking on the campus. Our work has been fulfilling, the people great and our time too short. Last night we experienced the Sr. High campfire which was very moving. A lot of signing and sharing and an excellent presentation by a pastor from Louisville. Speaking of which, we are off tomorrow for Louisville and the big Good Sam Camper Rally. We are meeting up with.......wait for it.........Don and Jeanne for four days. Looking forward to that. Enjoy the pic.

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