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Fox Lake

Fox Lake

Bridge over Yukon River






Pelly River Bridge


Pelly River Bridge over Pelly River at Pelly River Crossing




Welcome to Dawson City



Midnight Dome

Dawson City and Yukon River from Midnight Dome


Midnight Dome Road

Klondike River

My RV looking down from Midnight Dome

I pulled out from my site at 07:25AM and drove over to the wash rack and washed the bugs off the front of the RV as best I could. I hooked up the SUV and left the campground at 08:00AM.

I stopped for diesel at Tags in Whitehorse at 08:10AM. Pump price was 262.110 liters at $1.309 Canadian per liter. You get 3% off your total purchase with the coupon in the Whitehorse Visitors Guide. Total was $343.10 Canadian minus $10.29 discount. Total price was $332.81. The receipt says I paid 5% GST ($16.34) and total fuel taxes paid was $45.69. I left at 08:25AM.

I drove Yukon Highway 2 (Klondike Route) from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon. I arrived at Carmacks, Yukon at 10:25AM, Minto at 11:25AM, Pelly Crossing at 11:50AM, Stewart Crossing at 12:50PM, and Bonanza Gold Motel and RV Park in Dawson City at 15:05PM. 50amp E/W/S.

Hardly any traffic on the Klondike Highway. It is pretty desolate and even with the remoteness I did not see one wild animal today. There were signs that stated the year when certain parts along the highway burned. There was quite a contrast in regrowth between older and newer burns.

There were two areas where traffic was down to one lane. The first was about half way between Pelly Crossing and Stewart Crossing and one about 30 miles or so south of the RV Park. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for the pilot car at the first one and no wait at the second one. Just before getting to the second one I could see an 18 wheeler coming towards me and he was really throwing up a cloud of dust. Nowhere to go except to slow down but he still threw a rock up that chipped my front windshield just left of center on the driver’s side. Two chips now.

After arriving at the RV Park I took the SUV and drove in to Dawson City. It is quite a sight to see. No paved streets in town and in front of the buildings are wooden plank sidewalks. After stopping at the Visitor Center I stopped at the Dawson City General Store and then went and had dinner at Jack London Grill inside the Downtown Hotel. After dinner I drove to the top of the Dome Road and took some pictures.

I cannot get a TV signal here but the RV Park Wi-Fi is strong.

331.9 RV miles today. I stopped a couple of places for a few minutes each to take pictures. Total driving time today was 6 hours and 50 minutes.

15.7 SUV miles today.

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