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We write this entry from Vang Vieng in Laos, having spent 3 nights here and prior to that 3 nights in Luang Prabang.

Loas has been full of ups and downs.

In Luang Prabang we took two tours to the Tam Ouc caves and the beautiful Kuang Si falls- the falls are quite literally paradise. The water in the lagoons is aqua blue and the waterfall itself is spectacular- got some great pictures! Wish we could have stayed there longer. Ollie enjoyed the rope swing- took him a few goes to perfect his technique with the back flip!

Loas is very laid back and nothing here is done in a rush. We have been quite frustrated with the speed and level of service but have come to accept that that is just the way it is here. Life goes a much slower pace.

Although we did meet an absolute moron in the travel agents who assured us that the bus we had booked for the 11 hour journey to Vang Vieng leaving at 7.30pm would be a sleeper bus. We arrived at the bus station to find that our bus was not in fact a sleeper bus but a local vip bus, jam packed full with people (and chickens). All in all not a pleasant journey with locals spitting into plastic bags, one guy spewing his guts up and getting no sleep at all. The only saving grace is that the journey only took 7 hours in the end. We then had to hope that our hotel wold have a room for us as we had not planned to check in until the following evening.

The only thing to do in Vang Vieng is tubing. On our first day we hired bikes and cycled up river to check out some of the bars on the tubing trail. We then headed back into town to get dinner. As we were about the leave the restaurant a local guy asked us to join him for drinks for his birthday. Ended up drinking Beer Lao and Loas Loas whiskey until we couldnt drink anymore. The Loas can drink!!!

Our plan had been to go tubing the following day but we woke up with horrendous hangovers and just could not face getting in a rubber tube and float down a river drinking more beer lao! Ended up in a bar watching re runs of Friends.

We made it tubing yesterday! Great fun and great experience. Both felt really old as everyone we met was 18. Ollie got depressed as he thought he was the oldest guy there and there were 18 year old lads pulling down their shorts and flying off rope swings. Met a monkey though!

Today we have decided to move on to Vientiane (capital of Laos). Only plan to have 2 nights in the city before getting the night train back to Bangkok.

Cant believe we are half way in our trip- still got plenty of time left! Bring on the beaches!!

Love to all


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