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Winding Rivers

A Stone's Throw

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A Hike in the Heat

Beading a Bracelet

A Papoos for Liam

Here's Proof That I'm with the Kids Too!

Three Boys on the Lookout




The Boys

The Blood Letting

Mr. Tate

A View

Training Young Clerks

A Description of Worth

The Fur Storage

More Pelts

180 Pounds of Furs

The Officers Quarters

Writing Desk



Birch Trees


Red Rocks


Fooling Around

On the Edge of the Abyss

Hanging Out

Artsy Shot


A Birthday Cake

Whittling a Marshmallow Stick

Our Tricky Campfire

We woke up early and quickly packed up in the baking heat. I was dripping by the time I was done. I planned that we would stop for breakfast a little ways down the road.

We found a cute rest stop to pause and intake some food. The boys had fun skipping stones while I laid out the spread. Graham thought that it would be a great place to fish. He mentioned that all the lily pads on the lake would attract the fish and although I thought he was probably right, felt that we had to travel a long ways that day if we were going to get to Toronto (well Cobourg) on the 11th as planned. So away we went.

The landscape was amazing. Winding roads, little lakes dotted about everywhere, red rocky bluffs, sweeping views of a lake so big (Lake Superior) that you would think it was the ocean. The water is so clear you can see incredibly far down, crystal clear. I highly recommend to anyone to come and see this part of Canada if you get a chance.

We stopped in Thunder Bay to visit Old Fort William. It is the biggest recreated Fort of its kind in the world. It was amazing. Our guide Francois took us around the Fort and introduced us to a few of the characters who work there. We went to the Doctor, where Liam had his blood let, and to the trading post, where we learned how to sort furs and supplies by their value. Mr. Tate explained the worth of the various items at the trading post and gave a gift of a coat and blanket to Ryan for bringing so many furs. We visited the fur storage which was incredible. Real furs hung from the rafters, were piled on a table and heaped on the floor. Francois demonstrated how the furs were packed into 90 pound bundles and showed us how to carry said bundles on his head. We visited the officers' dining hall and quarters. We weren't able to milk a cow, as the Fort was closing for the day, but I think that was fine as we were dripping from the excessive heat of over 34 degrees.

We headed off trying to make it as close as we could to Sault Ste Marie for the night. We spotted a lovely place to camp at Rainbow Falls (just before Schreiber) as the sun was sliding down the horizion and decided to call it a day. We pulled in and took one of the last remaining spots. From our campsite we had an incredible view of the lake and after setting up the tent we played on the beach for a bit before making a campfire to roast the marshmallows I had bought that morning. We had a bit of a surprize when we found out that our mallows had melted together in the heat and we had to twist them onto our sticks in big messy globs. The campfire was a bit of a challenge as the wood was quite green but the boys we tenacious and wouldn't give up. It was a lovely day. Early to rise tomorrow; we have a long way to go yet if we want to get to Shelagh's on schedule.

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