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Black bear



Continential Divide on Alaska Highway

Swan Lake





Entrance sign to Teslin Bridge

Teslin Bridge



Turnout just south of Teslin Bridge










Marsh Lake



Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Welcome to Whitehorse

SS Klondike



DC 3 Weather Vane at Transportation Museum


US Army vehicle used to build Alaska Highway

Today started out pretty nice. The temperature was in the high 50’s with scattered clouds.

I left Baby Nugget RV Park at 07:55AM. I saw one lone black bear today about 25 miles north of the RV Park and that was it for wildlife.

I crossed the Continental Divide on the Alaska Highway at 09:30AM – 72 miles from the RV Park.

I stopped at Swan Lake at 09:55AM and took a few pictures. There was a light rain from just north of Swan Lake until just south of Whitehorse.

I stopped at the turnout at Teslin at 10:55AM for pictures of the Teslin Bridge. My next stop was at Johnson’s Crossing for 25 minutes at 11:40AM for one of their cinnamon rolls and a coffee.

I arrived at Hi Country RV Park at 13:35PM. A lot of trees but from site 76 where I am, I am able to get a good signal for my DirecTV. Free Wi-Fi but very weak at site; however, they have a computer room in the store that should be much better.

After getting set up I washed the SUV and drove into Whitehorse. I got a good picture of a bald eagle just south of town and a picture of the SS Klondike. I stopped at the Visitor Information Center and received a “Whitehorse” pin and a free three-day parking pass. I drove by the Transportation Museum and took pictures of the DC 3 Weather Vane and a US Army vehicle used in building the Alaska Highway.

254.9 RV miles today. 5 hours and 15 minutes driving time.

22.4 SUV miles today.

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