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Turnagain Arm of the Cook inlet

The view from our bedroom window

Portage Glacier

Icebergs on Portage Glacier lake

Syd and the creek behind our camp

Day 51, Thursday, June 14, 2012

When we got up, there were blue skies mixed in with the clouds. First time we’ve seen that much blue in a couple weeks. The sun was sparkling on the wet grass which has grown another two inches since yesterday. More wildflowers are blooming especially lupine and wild roses. We drove the Old Glenn Highway south back through Anchorage and onto the Seward Highway. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, we couldn’t see any of the mountains. Today, it stayed clear enough to see everything (except a beluga). We filled up all our tanks (gas, water, and propane) near Girdwood. Paid $4.17 for gas today. It’s been dropping a bit. We had picked out a camping spot at the Williwaw Campground yesterday and we were glad it was still open when we got here. There are numerous glaciers in this area and one is hanging on the mountain above the campground. We have a perfect view of it from our bedroom window. We took a 3 plus mile walk on the Trail of Blue Ice that backs up the campground. The path goes through the forest with mountains on both sides and the Williwaw Creek along side. There is moose poop everywhere (even right in our camp spot) but we didn’t see any today. We ended up at the Visitor’s Center on Portage Lake which overlooks Portage Glacier. There are always icebergs in the water there (not big ones) and there is a boat you can take to tour the glacier. I can see the glacier has receded a lot since we were here 11 years ago. Back at camp, we got our chairs out for the first time and had happy hour outside. It’s been too cold, too rainy, or too mosquitoey to sit outside until today. The flora is a little behind here because it’s glacier country. The fiddlehead ferns are just starting to unroll, fireweed is sprouting, some of the bushes are just now starting to bud out and some already have fresh new leaves. We do have weak cell service and we’re going to try to use our phone’s wifi hotspot to post. We will see what happens.

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