Alaska at last - May 22, 2012 travel blog

Tok RV Park. Well, we left this morning in the rain. We're learning how to close up in the rain - John does it while I stay inside. Anyway, we drove a big 76 miles of which 67 were on dirt. It felt wierd to get back on a relatively smooth surface road on the AK Hwy. Tok is a town of about 1500 people. They have no town government, no laws, no elected officials, no taxes and no lawyers. Also no skunks, termites, roaches - only grizzlies and mosquitos. When we got to the campground we immediately washed the truck and trailer to get off that calcium chloride from the gravel/dirt roads. Also did grocery shop, laundry and wine. We didn't have any fruit or veggie because I thought that stuff couldn't cross the border. Tonight at the campground they had some entertainment. It was 2 kids; one 16 year old boy on the banjo, his 17 year old sister on the fiddle and another guy on the guitar. They were great. Good old gospel, bluegrass, and folk music. The girl had been playing the fiddle since she was 6. We bought a couple of their CD's. Don't know what we're doing tomorrow, sort of depends on the weather. The sun came out tonight, but it's still cold. Didn't get any pictures today as the weather was too bad.

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