Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

My big job isle


Hard at work


Shirley's isle

Just as daunting

Shirley hard at work sorting nuts and bolts

You gotta eat

And relax


I never went to camp although my parents tried. Camp came during little league season and I did not want to miss playing. If you went to camp you know how much fun it is. I am not sure who is having a better time, the kids or the counselors and staff. The chickens and roosters have made their way to just about where I am writing and the goats are not far behind. Our work is going exceedingly well. We are about 1/2 a day of finishing the attic warehouse and it is all neat and spiffy. The food is wonderful also. They are even making non meat dishes as well as meals with meat. So Shirley is loving the food as am I. The weather has been tailor made for our work in the attic loft sunny and low 80's and little humidity. Not yet warm enough for me to go swimming but I expect the time will come. We are enjoying ourselves so much. Please enjoy the pics.

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