Alaska at last - May 22, 2012 travel blog







Chicken Creek/Goldpanner RV Park. Alaska at last!!! We took the ferry across the Yukon this AM. It is a small, free ferry that operates 24 hrs a day after the river melts. We got to the ferry about 8:15 and there were 2 RV's ahead of us. It still took almost an hour for us to get on. Then on to Top of the World Highway. It was a part gravel and part paved highway with awesome views - again. After about 20 miles it got very hazy and smelled of smoke. We could see alot of smoke off in the distance. There must have been a fire off to the north somewhere. Anyway, on to the border crossing, which took about 5 minutes to get across. I was so concerned about fresh produce and they didn't even ask us about it. Again, all they asked was about alcohol, firearms, wood, tobacco, and money. There was a cabin at the border and a sign that said it was the highest border crossing in the country and they had a population of 2. Once we crossed into the US the road became rougher and there were not any orange flags to warn you of rough spots. Took our picture at the highest spot on the highway which is a rip roaring 4,500 feet in elevation and it was above tree line!! On the road down we saw 3 self contained bikers (2 women and 1 guy)- there's some tough people out there. Also passed 2 big tour buses going the other way on a very narrow spot with soft shoulders - kind of tight. Got to Chicken (pop 12 in the summer)! The town started as a mining town, as they all were. The original miners wanted to name the town Ptarmigan, which I guess is a common bird here, but they couldn't agree on the spelling, so they settled on Chicken. Kind of a neat old town (3 stores which are linked together). There's a mercantile, a saloon, and a cafe. The saloon has ball caps from all over the world nailed on the walls and the ceiling. John wouldn't give up his Leadville cap. In between there's a chicken coop. They had advertised the best cinnamon buns around, so we walked up and got one. They don't come even a close second to the ones in at Tetsa Outfitters in BC. On to Tok tomorrow and getting back on the AK Hwy.

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