Alaska at last - May 22, 2012 travel blog






Last night was a first! We didn't turn on the heater! This AM we went into town and went to the Dempster Higway information office where we got our official certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle. She had a little ceremony where we had to hold hands and she made a little statement saying we had crossed it. There seem to be alot of homeless people hanging out along the river and in the park - don't know where they stay in the winter! After lunch we found a hiking trail just out of town - very nice with alot of mountain rose in bloom.. Came back to do laundry,etc and found all the machines full and someone waiting. Oh well, try tomorrow. Tomorrow we cross the Yukon on the ferry and cross into Alaska. Our destination is Chicken, AK. We drive over the Top of the World Highway which is supposed to be real rough. It'll be slow going. Plan to stay 2 nights.

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