Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Pilot Mtn

Beautiful day

Hey where did you come from

Very nice

Just us kids

Horne Farm House

Tobacco barn

Don't squeeze the Charmin

Hen house


Yup we came along

Corn crib

Hee Haw

Guard hound?

Very nice


On the road again

We've arrived

Bath house

Nice swimming pond

Can we go in? Can we

Hiking Trail

Our $5 site

Stone work from the CCC, '30's

Doe a deer

You may remember from yesterday that we were at Pilot Mountain NC. We went up to the summit and it was breathtaking. What a beautiful day to be up there. Then we drove to the Horne Creek Living Historical Farm in nearby Pinnacle. We took a a self guided walking tour of this historic farm. There is a huge house at the center of the property that was completed in 1880. From there we drove to Mt. Airy the home of Charlie Weaver. You have to be pretty old to remember who he was. Anyway, Mt. Airy bills itself as Mayberry USA. There is an Andy Griffith theatre and museum, an Andy Griffith highway, Aunt Bea restaurants, Otis tire shop, and Goober's gift shop. There really was no Mayberry but remember the big city they talked about? Mt. Pilot yes you got it. Well I am sure the writers of the Andy Griffith show when they put Mayberry in NC changed the name from Pilot Mtn. to...... Mt. Pilot. I did most of the driving yesterday in the mountains with hundreds of switchbacks. Shirley was feeling better later in the day and took over. She drove 50 miles on the four lane. Now is that fair. But our campground for the night was in a National Forest and the last four miles had serious switchbacks, some nearly 180 degrees! Before we set up camp we took a couple of mile hike around a small lake. We walked a lot yesterday and it was good to get some exercise in. We are in Virginia now and heading to Kentucky today. Enjoy the pics.

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