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Out of the agricultural plains into the agricultural 'mountains' this a.m. which brings lots of tunnels and green trees. Stop at 10a.m is Ratnagiri which is last one before we get off at Madgaon stop from where we rode a tuk tuk to bus station and then being a bit confused by directions buses were going, we hired another tuk tuk to Anjuna, 1 1/2 hours. Movie place is closed and Yash Restaurant is closed - both reasons for being here so..... We may be moving on and even forget medical since it is off season and we don't know if tourist med services are even operational. Our contact, Right Surgeon, Lisa is gone as well...best laid plans and all!!


All our plans back on the table!!! See below:

Mapusa, Calengute, Panaji, Madgaon (Margao), Vasco

med exam, dentist, eye doc, train tickets

It was an all medical day, starting with a stop in Mapusa where they do the complete exam (we return tomorrow at 8 - 1). Then to Calengute where I returned to see the dentist about my crown he did 3 years ago. I thought maybe there might be air trapped under it because when I go up in altitude I get a tooth ache which becomes a headache. He did an X-ray which showed no problem, but the tooth next to it revealed gum showing nerve. He recommended a cap there also to protect the nerve to which I concurred. After dping the work on me Bon ended up with 4 caps done (her teeth are in pretty bad shape). He is very good and charges about $110 US/CAP.

These will be ready Monday. Next to the eye store where we ordered glasses and contacts, ready on Wednesday. Lunch over, we headed for Margao to check on train tickets. Since we are looking for tourist concession tickets, it turns out we have to go to Vasco which handles them. The nice làdy at the counter in Margao told us a train was going 'shortly' to Vasco (it is 6pm and office closes at 8)...should be plenty of time to gp the 28 km! We bought tickets (8 rupees, less than 20¢), and waited...train finally arrived at 6:15 and we pulled into Vasco at 7:10, almost an hour to go less than 20 miles! A very short wait in a long line since women have preference, and but 7:30 we have not only our tickets to Dehli but she also booked our onward tickets to Jammu heading to Srinigar.

The bus station in Vasco is just a short wall from train but the last/only one going to Panaji wasn't leaving until 8:15 and won't arrive 'til 9! Too late for the last bus to Anjuna, so we pay a taxi $500 rupees to take us the 45 min ride 'home'!

Map of Goa


Today up early and off to Vrundaran Hospital in Mapusa where we got our physicals done. They are very professional and organized covering all the basic bases, blood, bowels, heart, and internal organs, plus a chest X-ray. We return tomorrow for the results and doctor consult. Transportation to and from is quite reasonable, only $2 US total each. Yesterday was quite a different story since we had to go to several cities/towns (all by bus) but due to the lateness of our journeys, we were forced to take a taxi for $10 US /both of us.




We moved to Paradise (hotel) yesterday! They've got internet and Skype plus a TV in the room for same price, $10 US/dbl. This morning we left early to go to Calengute via Mapusa for dermatology exam (I'm having some lazer work done on Wednesday) and then to dentist for caps. Just made it to dentist office before a monsoon rain dropped buckets! Still raining on way back and then I tried to work on the internet but the power went off! Kept up raining off and on rest pf the day/eve but power was on long enough for Bon to use Skype for awhile. I went to the room to watch TV but just getting into Catwoman and power went again. Did that regularly all through the night with the rain off and on as well...pretty stuffy with no fan!

I checked the weather in Srinagar and it's in the 70's °F so really looking forward to getting to Kashmir in a week!


Not much today, breakfast, check internet - not working, read & watch TV, check internet - not working, lunch, walk to beach & watch monsoon clouds/rain come ashore, check internet - not working, head for room & TV, 5 minutes later power goes off!

Finally, power on to watch TV...still no internet. Off to Yash & Sunil for candlelight dinner (they have no power) and return to watch movie, Hollow Man - B !


Rain almost the entire night, this morning still coming down, a constant, unvarying downpour. I don't think I've ever experienced rain in this totally encompassing manner. It's like the reverse of sunshine on a way, flooding every in of ground. Amazingly, the power is still on. For some reason I expected with so much rain it would fail.

To Yash for breakfast...rain stopped, sun out & becoming humid...dah! In Calangute the dermatogist thing goes well plus got our health exam results except for Bonnie's thyroid test results. At the dentist Bon's caps are not the right color so they go back to the lab and we return at 4...meanwhile, we pick up our glasses/contacts which turned out well and later back to Mapusa to get Bon's thyroid test results, meanwhile, we're here at internet.

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