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Angel of the North

Cemetery in Seaton Delaval

Bridges of Newcastle

Well I decided on Newcastle where the locals are commonly known as "Geordies".

It is also where my grandmother emmigrated from over 80 years ago. Well she came from a small village called Seaton Delaval which is about a 30 minute bus ride north. And when I visited, I realised it wasn't really that big. I started exploring the local church cemetery

but gave up when I couldn't walk anymore.

But let's take a step back.

I caught megabus from London to Newcastle (7 hours) but with no food and only able to use the onboard bus, it wasn't the best day. To top it off, all of the good weather has left us and it has been approx 15 degrees most of the week.

On the second day here, I visited Angel of the North

. When I was ready to head back there was no bus so I though I would walk back, it was straight forward and on the main road. So 7.73 km later, I made it back to my hostel and I admit my feet were sore. The next day, I woke up with tendernitis in both of my feet where I have agrivated the tendons down the outside of my feet and the one across the top of my right foot. Talk about over doing it. So now even grandmothers walk faster than I do.

The day after I did this, I thought I would head out to Seaton Delval as mentioned above thinking that walking around a cemetery wouldn't agrivate it too much. How wrong I was as I hobbled back to the bus and then to the hostel. So I have been limited to about an hour or two of very slow walking a day as I explored Newcastle.

It hasn't been too bad cause it has rained most of the time I was here but it does mean I need to revisit.

The quayside is really interesting and for those who don't know, there is a total of seven bridges that connect Gateshead to Newcastle. You can see four of them in this photo


A positive of not being able to do much is that the hostel has wi-fi so I have sorted out what I am doing in Italy other than taking it easy so that my feet have healed before I start my tours in a month. So it's been a pretty quiet week really.

The next entry will be from Milan and I can't wait.

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