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As rain is keeping us pretty much caravan bound I decided to add another update today. Not that we have done much!

Barry was outside at midnight putting the awning down - he was very pleased that quick release guy ropes that he made worked well at that time of night! We had been lying awake listening to it flapping for a while. The 'van was moving around a lot with the wind, which was a big offputting, but then I decided that if the 'van was a boat that is how it would feel!

We went back to Geelong and had a look around another Mill Market, a place called the Tender Centre (a bit like ebay) and an antique shop called How Bazaar. We got wet at each stop but after getting absolutely drenched leaving the last shop we decided enough was enough and were back in the 'van by 3.30.

We have been drying up the leaks that were here when we got back - not surprised really as the force of the wind has been very strong. Hopefully they will all dry up properly when the rain stops.

We have been playing cards, while listening to our new cd's, and after giving up working out the rules for German Whist, we are pleased that we have worked out how to play Quidditch (although we didn't like some of the rules so have changed the game a little!).

I am very excited about my find for the shop today. Barry was a little unsure, but now that we have googled it he is very pleased lol! It is something that I have wanted for the shop for ages, but could never justify paying the asking price and today I had a successful bargain hunt. It is a dog on wheels for a toddler learning to walk, made in the 50's, made here in Victoria and in excellent condition. We picked up a couple of other items as well, so off the a good start on the stock sourcing front.

Tomorrow is still supposed to be windy, but the rain should ease off - hope so as we haven't been able to walk across the bridge yet and we would like to catch the ferry to Sorrento as well.

Hmmm....that is all for now.

Over and out,

M & B xx

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