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Found the datastick - had fallen into Rachel's bag! Big phew :)

We left home at 11.40 and had a leisurely trip to Devonport. Had a few stops on the way and made it into Reliquare at Latrobe just before the closed and bought a new card game for the 'van. Arrived at the ferry terminal at 5.30. Easy check in and met a couple from Lenah Valley while waiting.

Cruisy night with a not very full ferry, easy dinner and found a quiet corner to sit and read. Slept well and up at 5. Because we were on the semi-trailer deck we were about 5th off the ferry by 6.35 and in Geelong by 8.

Found a park - which was easy at that time on a Sunday morning and had breakfast on the pier - such a wonderful spot. Went for a walk along the waterfront checking out the wooden people and then found one of the Mill Markets so had a poke around in there. Found a few things for the shop, but decided to leave them there for now.....we know where they are if we change our minds!

We are now at Barwon Heads, staying the the Seachange caravan park. Was a little excited when we drove over THE bridge. We are in a lovely spot, sheltered from the beach. Have been to Ocean Grove to do some food shopping and after a late lunch (at 4) we went for a walk along the waterfront, up to a lookout or three and then back again in a big loop. Have just had a drink in the building that was Diver Dan's. We are now tucked up inside and toasty warm with our new column heater (in fact I could say we are too warm!)

We will be here for a few days as there is a lot of exploring that we want to do in the area.

Off to turn the heater down - will be back in a couple of days.

Over and out,

M & B xx

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