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Snow on the Coquihalla

Snow and sand

Coming out of the fog on the Connector - looks like clearer...

Mr. Chicken has found his home!

Swan Lake and Vernon

Happy Birthday!


Don't take that picture!

Intermezzo for dinner

Maureen & Mavis

Ken & Elaine

Mmmm, rack of lamb!




Probably telling a joke!





Mr. Quail

Mrs. Quail


Goats at the Log Barn


Turtle looking for a place to lay her eggs

Larry and Glenn on the Spallumcheen Golf Course

Marlene choosing a club

Rain clouds

Walking her cat

Newly painted wall gecko


Another turtle


Start of construction of concrete pad - first strip filled with water

Lots of rain in these

The grass pulled up

Buller's Oriole

The Dragon Boat goes by our place twice a day.

Overlooking Spallumcheen Golf Course and Desert Cove subdivision - Okanagan Lake in...

Sun promised the next day!

Three pick-up loads of crushed rock.

Laying eggs

Another one looking for a better spot.

This young one never found its way to the lake in the...

Taking the kids for a walk!

Uneventful drive on June 1 to Vernon from White Rock. There was dense fog at the top of both the Coquihalla and the Connector.

Some interesting facts about the Coq and the Connector vs The Grapevine in California (also called Tejon Pass).

Tejon Pass: Summit 1263 m (4144 feet), Incline - (south) 415 m (1362 feet) gradual climb, (north) 457 m (1499 feet) steeper, Distance - Santa Clarita to Grapevine is 52 miles

Coquihalla (Hope to Merritt): Summit - 1264 m (4147 feet), Distance - 124 km (77 miles)

Okanagan Connector (Merritt to Kelowna): Summit - 1728 m (5760 feet), Distance - 128 km (80 miles)

We passed through some showers of rain and it was raining off and on when we arrived. It was nice to see Frank and Elaine after a year and we had a nice impromptu Happy Hour just after we arrived.

The Council at Swan Lake RV Resort is making an extra effort to have events for everyone to attend. We went for breakfast on the 2nd - scrambled eggs deluxe, banana nut muffins, ham, juice and coffee for $5. Nice job! The sun is out and it is WARM!

It didn't last. It rained and rained the following week. We were supposed to golf with Ken and Mavis (who live here) on Thursday but that didn't work. Friday the 8th was Maureen's birthday so we went for dinner to Intermezzo here in Vernon with Ken and Mavis and Frank and Elaine. We had lots of great laughs and some wonderful food.

The following week Larry's brother Glenn and wife Marlene stopped for three nights. We did manage to find a drier space for a round of golf but almost as soon as we finished it started raining again. We've actually spent more time inside than out - it's been cool and rainy most of the time we've been here. Very dismal for the sunny Okanagan!

It's amazing the wildlife here - especially the birds. Here is a list of the birds we've seen (mostly from out the window) - killdeer, pheasant, quail, sparrows, finches, red-wing blackbirds, loons, gulls, ducks, Canada geese, eagles, osprey, robins, waxwing, Bullock's oriole, hummingbirds. Now that the cherries are ripening we are seeing even more. To add to that every evening there are at least a couple of Western Painted Turtles coming from the lake to lay their eggs. There are reported bear sightings as well as a lot of white feathers left after what is believed to be a coyote getting a gull. One afternoon when it was pouring rain three large deer ran across the front of the park and into the field.

We've been waiting for a while to have the grass removed at our RV lot and have stamped concrete poured. This will enlarge our patio (beside the coach) and eliminate the cost for lawn maintenance (sorry Frank!). They said they would have it done in five days. But with rain delaying all their jobs, all they got done before we left was the grass ripped up and taken away, and three loads of crushed rock. We left on June 29 for the Coast - oh yes, in the rain!

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