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toasting marshmallows

These old cars belonged to two fencers who fenced much of Trilby...

Two fencer's place of residence, complete with full sized beer fridge!

Another vehicle belonging to the two fencers.

The 'Newchum' homestead, where Gary grew up. Abandoned in 1965. Everything is...

Max, Dylan's 'mini me'

The pantry,complete with food as the Murray family left it in 1965.

Bringing the yabbies up from the dam.

The Darling River

One of the 6 puppies here at the station.

Kangaroo spotting from the front seat with his 'binos', he spots them...

We have had an absolute ball at Trilby Station. Such a relaxed and pretty environment. Liz, our host, is really friendly and has made us very welcome. We picked up some mud maps from Liz and headed out exploring the station in the Navara. Provided with the mud maps is lots of information about the station's history, the plants/trees we see along the way etc. We were able to go exploring the homestead that Gary was brought up in. They are happy for you to walk through and check it out, it was left completely furnished with food in the pantry and everything! It was incredible and we kept thinking how fantastic it is that they share this with strangers.

Trilby is currently shearing (at a shed 40kms away due to floods) and Liz invited us to go check it out. Max and Anna werent very impressed with the noise of the shearing shed but it was still good to see the shearers in action. Apparently they are shearing slowly due to heavy burr in the fleece.

Liz provided us with some yabbie nets and told us where we can go cut meat of either a kangaroo or emu leg and Dylan and Max have enjoyed throwing the nets in and collecting plenty of yabbies. Fresh yabbies really are delicious but I think I'm all yabbied out at the moment after eating so many the last few days!

We kept up with our Carp Eradication Program here on the Darling, cathching around 8 within 2 hours. Two very well behaved children meant I was also able to have a fish too!The bank of the Darling is VERY steep so usually I need to entertain Max away from the water/edge (because you have to go down the bank to get to the water to be able to fish) but he was happy to sit in his deck chair up the top and watch, Anna slept.

Beautiful weather, sun is shining during the day but the nights are still cold enough to have us all snuggled up in our flannelette pj's early.

We headed into Louth for a play at the park and lunch at the pub and it just happened that the mobile playgroup was in town so we were able to join in! There were only 2 other kids so we doubled the playgroup population for them. One of the mums lives in one of the homesteads of the Murray's and travels 80ks for playgroup which comes in the back of a ute twice a month with 2 staff from Bourke. We enjoyed chatting to them about their town and life in the bush. Max was able to do a painting and play with all the toys. Anna was awake for once! And enjoyed chewing on a peice of Lego. Lunch at the pub was great, chatted with a couple of locals and had an awesome chicken burger! We really like it here and will come back one day.

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