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My regional train from Lecce to Gallipoli...5 gears!!

A little rocky, but beautiful! Had to soak the feet a bit!

Ahh! These feet were made for walkin!!!!

Pit stop at the only place open....season starts mid June!

Water was clear as a bell!

Castle that surrounds this little gem of a city!

One of my favorite kind of pictures....the Pisces in me!

Church info!

The Church!

Doors of Gallipoli!

lighthouse....from the zoom!

self pic....imagine that!

I slept in....a total of 12 hours!!!! Just could not make my body move!!! Showered, breakfast and headed to the train Stazione for a ticket on the Ferravio Sud Est train to Gallipoli! I met a very nice couple, Christina and Steven, from Vancouver! The treno departenze at 11:56....later than expected but slept through the earlier one. Well, it actually worked out perfectly because christina and I spoke the whole way about yoga, balance, excercising and the trip. I gave them some suggestions on places to visit, which I think they are going to do. We arrived in Gallipoli and looked for Baia Verde for its beautiful beach. No taxis until June!!! So we went to a restaurant, grabbed a drink and the owner drove us in his car....refused to take any euro for his hospitality! They decided to stay on the beach, to walk! So I trekked the very rocky beach, stopping to out feet in the water and relax! Sunbathers were sprinkled between rocks, under umbrellas, and hidden in little coves! I found a little tiki bar open, washed my feet and headed in to town! I walked through the downtown area and over a bridge where the centro storico was....old town surrounded by a limestone back in the day! I walked the perimeter of this wonderful, quaint little town, wishing I had more time here! I bought a gelato-cicotto cafe (chocolate coffee) and cicotto bianca (white chocolate)......and headed for the treno Stazione ! I met up with Christina and Steven and we boarded the little could hear the gears shifting, as if in a 5speed truck!!!! I started chatting with a bunch of people.....Christina complimented me on my positive energy and how I attract such nice, friendly people!! :) we walked back to our respective hotels, exchanged emails, and I went to the 1340 cafe.....Harley cafe! Road 66 was a little too far for the walk at night by myself! :(.... Either way, met the owners, shared my pics, grabbed a bite to eat, some vino and got back to my hotel about 11! Early for these parts! It was a nice day, all in all! Tomorrow I depart for Ancona! Looking forward to some familia time! Ciao and buona notte!!!!

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