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Today is Memorial Day please remember it is not Veterans Day. Today is a day to honor our soldiers of all wars who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We are going to the Braves games today and hope to be there early to participate in the Memorial Day activities. Darci and I went a few years ago and it was excellent as they take time with pageantry to honor those past. If you have ever served in any of the armed forces I thank you for your sacrifice but today we honor your fallen brothers and sisters. Not much going on yesterday. We did hear the finest male praise singer at church yesterday. Man could he sing! Had to laugh though, the group looked like the aging rockers with their long hair long gone and what's left was short and cropped. They played very well despite their craggy faces. Shirley and the kids took more stuff from the garage while I worked on the garage door which is now oiled (no squeaks) and clears the hedge. I worked on their lawn equipment too. Ordered pizza for dinner, Shirley watched another movie with Malone while I suffered through the Braves 7th loss in a row. Enjoy the pics.

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