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Festival on my Sunday night arrival!

Food and outdoor market!

Carciofi samples! Artichoke in case you forgot!!!

Basilica next to my hotel!

My room in an old synagogue/palace.... Now, B&B!

Shower to the left of me.... Toilette to the right.... Here I...

Basilica de Santa Croce.... Previous basilica pic, also!


Side view and ceiling ....

So much detail!!! Unbelievable!

Anfiteatro Romano!!!

More!!! :)

Still more!!!

One more!!!

My winning night!! At the Silver casino!!!

I arrived yesterday around 530pm and decided to walk to my hotel.....luggage in tow , of course! Handy dandy google maps guided me, only after I thought I could do it on my own!......not so! Approached some very scary sketchy areas... Always near the trena Stazione! I walked with a purpose and gave the impressione of " I am woman, hear me roar!!!" after a trek, which I always justify by an excellent workout, I arrive at my palace!!! Literally! It used to be a synogue years ago, Then a palace, now an exquisite B&B!!! My room is amazing! 20ft ceilings, marble sink/ shower, heated towel rack ( must have one of these on North A Street!)... I wandered the town last night after talking to momma!!!! and there was a festival going on.....did you ever doubt!! Lol!.... I sampled olive oils from the area, sausage, pears, and pestos! Moto bene! I now sit after touring the city centro deciding where I will travel tomorrow! I decided after speaking with some locals that Gallipoli would be my destination! I asked the waitress " Bari or salento?"..,,, she politely said you are in salento!!!! Stupido!!!! Luck would have it..... I have trekked the centro and was just not "feeling it!!" although very beautiful!!! I head to the Silver Casino, and lost 100 euro.....until! I meet a fine gentleman from Gallipoli who sits next to me! We exchange a few niceties.... And then he says " quit putting your money in these machines, come have a drink!".... I oblige, took a few photos, and decide that the machines will NOT WIN!!!! OMG..... I hit for 350.00 euro! Feeling very fortunato..... I leave! Roberto, the man from Gallipoli asked if I wanted to meet him tomorrow to drive with him tomorrow to meet his family! Getting the "ok" from all the employees, etc......we will see! Another karmatic happening!!!! Yes momma, that horseshoe is still there!!!!!! Now I am sitting at the only cafe open as I want to shower and get to bed early! Road 66 and the 1340 Cafe are both closed on lunardi ( Monday!)....thanks Jen for the recommendation on Road 66 and 1340 is a Harley bar! Tomorrow night! I will mangiare and head home! Love to all and some of you MUST be looking over me because life is grand on this side of the world!!!!

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