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5-24 - Day Trip

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Today we went to Bam, Rayen, and Mahan, towns which are up to 3 hours away from Kerman. Ban is the mud building town completely destroyed by an earthquake in Dec. 2003 which killed over 31,000 people. It leveled the mud brick citadel, the largest adobe structure on earth, which dated from 300 BC more or less. Much has been rebuilt but with modern materials in the town and the citadel is a UNESCO site which is being painstakingly restored over a 20 year period. In Rayen we went to a completely restored (but considerably smaller) citadel which is much like the one in Bam in it's construction. Then on to Mahan and the ArMgah-e Shah Ne'matollah Vali shrine, the tomb of the famous Sufi mistic who lived to be 103 in the 13th century. Our final stop was Bagh-e Shahzde, a splendid garden fed by qanat water (underground channels of water developed to keep desert cities alive).

Wiki Info Shazdeh Garden

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