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The next morning I had to get up early again. I had some tea and got on the Baz bus. I was trying to figure out what to do and realized if I was going to Coffee Bay I would need to organize a shuttle from some other place. So I decided to get of in Chinsa.

The hostel in Chinsa was in the middle of a forest not far from the village with a magnificent view of the beach. People who were getting on the bus were telling me that this was the best hostel ever. I felt lucky. It was quite windy and cold so relaxed the rest of the day. They had as free activitiy and free wine every afternoon. I decided not to take part but I did go down to check it out.

In the evening there was a Braii, a South African Barbeque. People here where really nice. I was really enjoying myself. I decided to take some surf lessons for the next day. After dinner we were sitting together having a beer. I went to bed rather early. At 3 in the morning it got pretty loud in our dorm as most of the people returned at this hour.

The next morning after breakfast classes started it was still cold and windy, but at least the water was nice and warm. I was getting on very well with surfing. However my ears where getting really cold. When we got back I had a hot shower and than lunch.

After lunch I couldn’t be asked going surfing again. I was too exhausted. I was laying in the sun enjoying being lazy. I had another quiet and early night that night. Oh what a life.

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