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View from room --- with Paradice

Vang Veing - Loas

Hey Fam Jam,

So everything is going really well we just crossed the Thailand border

into Laos. We were supposed to take a 2 day slow boat to Probang luang i

think it is called and then bus to Vang Vieng. We just found out last

minute we can take a bus which is way faster and we should arrive in Vang

Vieng tonight which gives us more days to hang out instead of being on a

crammed boat on a river. My ankles still are sore but it is not preventing

me from doing anything which is good. I am hoping the river in Vang Vieng

where we do the tubing will give me a good break to walk less and keep my

feet cold in the water. Chiang mai was where we just came from and is

where we went into a cage with 3 full grown tigers and got some cool

pictures with them. After that we went to a crocadile show and sat on a

huge crocadile and kissed its nose. We have lots of pictures which you

will see. The other 3 days in Chiang Mai we spent on a jungle trek where

we did a 2 day hike and stayed in the jungle in a village and saw many

waterfalls. Then we rode elephants and did a bamboo raftRight now I am in

a room with a bunch of thai kids gaming world of warcraft haha. It was

free so i just asked them to give me the password to the computer. I

cannot believe it has only been 2 weeks feels like we have done so much

that normally would take months. So many stories!! bus is here so i have

to go. Everything is going very smoothly talk to you later

Love you all,


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