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Awww Southern California traffic, reminds us of our commuter days & how...

Less traffic & on our way.

Use to drive over those bridges everyday for several years, can't believe...


Out of the cities.

On the Gorman Pass, I always thought these mountains looked covered with...

Ok, down hill. Pete never touched the brakes once...the new truck is...

Nice to have a truck emergency ramp if needed, you can see...


Am surprised to see so many grape vines in this area, didn't...

Sadie taking a nap, as she usually does in the truck.

A whole lot of nothing but dried up farmland.

Action shot, impressive huh ? He does handle the truck & trailer...

Not so happy farmers/ranchers.

On I-5

Definitely needs water, actually I think its way to late.

Coming into Santa Nella for a Nights stay.


Pete just made it fit, home for the night.

Back on the road with 169 miles to Gridley, Ca.

A section California Aqueduct

Here you go Chere !! No we didn't stop.

Love this sign, like they have to tell you people live here.

Yup, here's some of that urban area.

In Sacramento

Traffic was light.

Crossing over the Sacramento River.

This is where we thought we'd stay in Yuba City...NOT

We're sitting in the space they wanted to put us in,we were...

Entering Gridley, Ca. its a small town.

Arrived at Gridley Inn & RV Park.

Our own little yard.

Home for 3 days.

We left Simi Valley on May 9th & pointed the truck North. Our destination was Gold Country & the Ole 49er Highway. We encountered the usual Southern California traffic, not something that we miss doing. We drove some 271 miles to Santa Nella, Ca. & stopped in at the Santa Nella RV Park (we have stayed here before). Some spaces are small & the park gives you two side by sides to pull into, of course we had to pull in at an angle to fit. Its a nice park & pretty quite considering nearby traffic.

The next morning (Thursday) we drove around 169 miles to Gridley. We are staying at the Gridley Inn & RV Park, we actually were going to stay in the Travel Home Park (located in Yuba City) but the only space available was up against a fence, meaning our door would open up into the park street. So we decided not to stay, hence we ended up here in Gridley. This is a small but very nice park & pretty quiet, there is the occasional train (but we're use to hearing them & tend to tune them out).

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