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Mandy loves crawling into any bag or box!

We arrived in Ely safely about 6pm last Friday evening. It was good to see Mom & Lori again and especially good to see Mom doing so well. She had been experiencing chest pains earlier in the week but they seem to have subsided. As a matter of fact, she & Lori left for San Diego yesterday to attend nephew Scott's 40th birthday party. Larry & I chose to remain home & take care of the cats. Mandy & Callie are both indoor cats (well Mandy is anyway) and are fed twice daily. It's only been 24 hours & they are both missing their 'mothers' terribly! They'll certainly be ready to see them when they return on Monday.

I spent my first two days here working on Mom's computer. It needed major work, in fact I ran a Killdisk program on it, reloaded the operating system & had to reinstall all of her software, programs, email, documents etc. Lots of work but I'm happy to say it is now running great. Mom works on her computer several hours a day & it is an important part of her life. I think it's great that she taxes her brain playing games, surfing etc. In addition to that she reads books daily. She goes to the library for new ones & shops yard sales for new selections regularly. Yay Mom, you go girl!

In the meantime, Larry & I are enjoying the beautiful weather. It's been in the low 70's with no wind & no rain. Perfect! We plan to do some major cleaning on the rig in the next week, both inside & out. It's time to lighten our load once again. Every spring we try to purge what we haven't used in the past 12 months. It's a job I really dread actually. Anyone want to come & give me a hand? LOL, I'll pass on some of our gently used stuff!!!

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