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Alice Springs from Anzac Hill

7th May

Arrived in Alice Springs this morning.Leaving the 11th May.The days are quite warm reaching 30 degrees during the day,nights are a bit cooler dropping to 9 degrees.Went into town after setting up but it was a public holiday only supermarkets were open.

Have discovered that you need 50c to go to the toilets the council ones are free.Have strict alcohol conditions,takeaway is Mon/Fri 2pm 9pm,Sat and public holidays 10am 9pm,Sunday pubs and clubs noon 9pm.Everyone must present photo ID that is scanned when buying alcohol.


Before white settlement Alice was inhabited by Arrernte aboriginal people Mparntwe [pronounced mbarntwa] is the Arrernte word for Alice Springs.

The overland telegraph line was completed in 1872 making it viable for pastoralists to take up leases in the centre.The discovery of alluvial gold at Arltunga 100kms east of Alice in 1887 provided a population boom.

In 1929 the railway line linking Alice Springs with Adelaide was completed and trains replaced camel trains.February 2004 saw the train line to Darwin.

Frances Briggs in 1921 landed a bi plane on a clearing prepared by the towns people on the west of Alice.Became the site for the aerodrome.In 1939 E J Connellan launched his outback airline which provided mail and passenger services throughout Northern Territory, Kimberly and parts of Queensland.The aerodrome was relocated in 1968 all that remains is two aircraft hangars now the central Australian museum.

9th May

Another warm day temperature will be 30 degrees.Have packed picnic lunch and heading off to Simpson Gap,the cultural centre and then Anzac hill.

10th May

No plans for the day heading out tomorrow to Devils Marbles not sure when we will have phone or Internet next.

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