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Woomera park bar

Rocket park 1

Rocket park 2

1st May

Have arrived in Woomera for a 2 night stop. It is very windy with lots of flies.A friendly park with their own bar ( Cudgees bar ) where we enjoyed a very convivial happy hour.


"Woomera test range is 127,000 sq. kms. making it the largest land base in the world.

The range has been in use for over 55 yrs. The town was opened in 1947, it was a closed community, at it's peak in the 1960's was home to 6,000 people.Now it is between 200-300.Woomera was opened to the public in 1982.

Types of work carried out, vehicle testing,transport trials and aircraft landing trials are examples of non defence work.

Missiles and rocket trials, parachute training and military exercises are examples of defence work.

The old illegal immigrant detention centre was closed in 2003 and is now a Defence/Australian Army training camp named Camp Rapier.

There is a mix of population, Defence, AFP Officers and tourism.

You can find models and actual components at the museum located at the Heritage Centre and Rocket Park." (source Info centre brochure)

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