Team England Finally Reach Brazil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! travel blog

Our short bus change over in Campo Grande was far longer than anticipated. From the Pantanal we took a bus stright to C. G. and immediately bought a bus ticket to take us to Rio, a 24 hr bus journey-agggghhhhhh!!!!!! Went off to dine in style in the way only Team England know...yes we went to MacDonalds and then back to the bus terminal half an hour early for the 10pm bus, such organisation was unfortunately in vain, the bus didn't arrive until 12:30am. This wouldn't have been such an issue if we'd have known what was going on but unfortunately due to our limited Spanish it took us a couple of hours to work out that a) we hadn't missed the bus & b) that the bus had been delayed due to an accident and that they were all unsure when it would arrive. Eventually it arrived and we crawled aboard looking forward to some sleep.

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