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Always walking

Selling thatching

Walking again

Minding the cattle on the side of the road


Resting at Rainbow Lodge

This is a public holiday in Namibia. It is the anniversary of when the South African army crossed the border into Angola and slaughtered mostly over 1,000 Namibian women and children in a refuge camp. I think this took place in 1976. It also marks a bombing in the eighties – again by the South African army – in a bank, on the day most civil servants get paid. Dozens of police, teachers and nurses were in the bank at the time and killed.

This was all during the period when South Africa ran Namibia. The gained their independence in the nineties.

We head off early on to our last night in Namibia. We hoped to do our shopping for the next couple of days at one town however the shop is closed so, after a toilet stop, we continue on our way to Rundu.

Lots of small villages on the way – all surrounded by rough fences, most timber but some fences made of rushes. Each homestead has the usual number of rondavels, housing various members of the families. The sons bring their new wives back to their home.

The villages are almost complete devoid of rubbish and the sand around the dwellings is raked every morning. In Asia they have the straw broom, in Africa it is the rake.

There are constant streams of people walking on the side of the road. Some women carrying water containers, wood or rushes. Children and men minding the goats and cattle. Some standing on the side of the road waiting to be picked up. Hitch hiking is common, as most have no transport of their own. Except of course for the donkey and cart used to collect water or wood.

We eventually arrive at the Rainbow Lodge at Bagani, on the side of the Okavango River. Most opt to upgrade to a room. The honeymooners and us elect to stay in the tents – might say something about marriage! Such a beautiful campsite we didn’t want to be indoors.

Canada returns quite quickly declaring that there are bed bugs in the room so up goes her tent.

Poor Canada is really suffering from an overload of bugs and spiders - refuses to shower here because there are spiders all over the walls of the showers. We really do have to make the most of hot showers when they present themselves. Overall the amenities have been great - if a little different.

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