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The front of the capital building.

The inside of the dome.

Very nice murals adorn the walls of this capital.

Words of the pioneers.

Another mural.

The Senate

Marble statue/relief of Pioneers and Wagon

The statue of Lewis & Clark

Fabulous rock collection and display.

One of the main building of a medical school

The House of Representatives.

The carpet in the house of representatives.

Another shot of the Senate.

Unusual piece of artwork.

A view of the tundra

The Pioneer

One of our bucket list items is to visit every capital in the U.S. There is a book that gets a stamp similar to the National Park book. We didn't add this to our bucket list until we had already seen about 20 states. So, we will have to revisit those states we missed. That's ok, there is always more to see in any given state. I cannot imagine how many life times it would really take to see all of the U.S. We are going to try!

So today's visit was to Salem, Oregon. Salem is the 3rd city to become the capital. There is a striking shiny gold statue on the top of the building's dome. It is called the "Pioneer". At the bottom of the 121 steps to the entrance two marble reliefs. On the left is "The Covered Wagon" and on the right is "Lewis & Clark".

The inside of this capital building is filled with murals depicting the important events of this state. Oregon was the 33rd state to join the union. A couple of symbols in this capital is the wheat and salmon in an alternating design in the carpet in the Senate chambers. Farming and fishing both significant industries for Oregon. The House of Representatives carpet is patterned with Evergreen/Fir Trees.

My compliments to the docents that really put themselves out to make sure visitors are thoroughly entertained and informed. They seem to be able to answer almost any question. We always try to get a guided tour. I really believe it is the only way to do these visits justice.

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